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by WebmasSil, 18. March 2015

perfiles de aluminio

Manufacture, machining and commercialization of aluminum profiles.


By the extrusion process, which starts from aluminum billets, in all its alloys inside Family 6000; we manage to manufacture virtually all types of profiles from 50 g to 40 kg per meter.

Besides manufacturing all kinds of standardized, we are specialized in the design profiles, meeting the most demanding tolerances according to UNE12020.

colores lacado aluminio

Powder Coating

Process by which aluminum is coated with a synthetic layer. This process makes it highly resistant to atmospheric agents. In addition to protecting the aluminum from corrosion, a variety of unlimited colors are available, therefore it also becomes highly decorative.

Through the Powder Painting process, we are able to give any paint finish to all of our RAL chart profiles, as well as any other design required by our clients.

We also lacquer wood, marble, stone, etc. ….


anodizado de aluminio


By means of an electrolytic process we increase aluminums natural oxide layer, this way we protect the aluminum profile from abrasion over time. Anodized finishing touches are metallic colors in gloss or matte.

Anodising our aluminum profiles we provide their surface an extreme protection in all its metallic finishing touches such as silver, bonce, stainless, gold, black and red.

Besides to the electrolytic finishes we do also offer mechanical finishes in polished and grate.


Machiningmecanizado de aluminio

In our machining center, we can perform milling, drilling and cutting of aluminum profiles. This need is lately highly demanded, as you can save costs by delegating this duty to us. Our qualified staff will follow your instructions for ideal results.

The milling, drilling and cutting works are done with the most modern CNC machining centers.