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The company

by WebmasSil, 18. March 2015


Silmetal GmbH is a Company, specialized in the extrusion and machining of aluminum profiles, as well as in manufacturing, assembling and machining of all types of Steel pieces and plastic injection.

The main goal for Silmetal GmbH is to offer a global solution for all your logistical needs of aluminum profiles, Steel pieces and plastic injection parts.

Since 1968, Silmetal’s professional team has forged a place, in national and international market, expanding its presence in the European Community, North of Africa, Russia and America.

A wide range of storage services are offered in different countries.

“Just in time delivery” is the solution designed for you, in order to have whenever you need the necessary materials for your projects, avoiding storage and distribution costs. Manufacture the needed elements in the needed quantities when they are needed.

We do also have our own design department, which will design for you all kind of pieces. Our qualified staff will study your project in order to offer the best solution to your needs.